Internet Promotion

attracting clients to your website

Many companies can design but few have the specialised skills in website promotion. At Enhance we pride ourselves on our ability to effectively promote websites. As part of our commitment to our clients we will only ever act for one client per industry sector.

Internet promotion is the ability to create visibility for your website on the core search engines and directories. At Enhance we hear the same story many times...

"we have spent thousands on our website - but no one can see it"

Typically, this is because most web designers do not understand effective internet promotion, focusing purely on the look & feel of a website and ignoring design principles for effective search engine positioning.

Our clients, who use our promotion services, traditionally experience up to 40% growth in internet enquires resulting in a steady growth of online sales.

The internet is a powerful medium. When utlised correctly, effective internet promotion will assist in increasing visibility for your business. Our internet promotion services can be used on an existing website or we can build a website for you in a search engine friendly format.

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