The Enhance Approach

planning for success

Enhance understands the importance of client involvement throughout the design and implementation of an internet solution. For this reason, our approach with all internet projects is to provide a clear and structured plan understood and agreed by the client.

The Enhance approach is experienced by the client from the initial contact and followed through to the completion of their website and ongoing services. It is a cycle that remains unbroken between Enhance and the client ensuring a long and valued relationship.

The Enhance Approach ASSESS - confirm client's requirements and quantify the internet potential for the business.
DESIGN - agree with the client on project scope, objectives and time scales.
CREATE - build the internet presence, keeping the client apraised throughout.
HOST - establish a live internet domain with active internet facilities. Sign-off internet build with client.
PROMOTE - submit website to internet search facilities and directories. Engage other internet facilities where applicable.
MANAGE - maintain product information, compare competitiveness and assess internet awareness.
ASSESS - highlight improvements to the client based on information gathered.
... and the cycle continues ...

This approach to website design and internet promotion has helped Enhance nurture small and large business alike through their internet initiatives. Our relationship with our clients reflects the intimacy needed to successfully promote a business through the vast unknown that is the internet.

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