Internet Solutions

tailored to meet business needs

Enhance develops internet solutions tailored to fit business needs. Each solution is moulded to suit business operations and market focus. All Enhance internet solutions share the same level of quality and functionality to ensure we surpass the very highest customer expectations.

Enhance does not describe this software as an "out-of-the-box" solution. We believe in a website being an extension to your business. Every business is unique and a website solution should reflect this uniqueness in look, feel and customer experience. Hence, all our internet solutions involve a customised approach.

"our success is measured by our clients' success"

Fullfillment of an internet solution does not stop at the delivery of a website. Enhance measures success from the recognised value received by a business from its internet solution.

For this reason, our internet solutions go beyond the delivery of a website. We look at the internet potential, marketing strategy, projected traffic, conversion of enquiries to sales, fullfillment process and future growth. We work with our clients helping to deliver real business value through their internet presence.

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Aspects of internet solutions

Website Solutions your complete website package

All you need from Enhance to create, deploy and maintain an effective internet presence.

Catalogue Solutions promoting your products online

For the business wanting to promote their products on the internet.

Ecommerce Solutions providing a secure online payment facility

A complete internet solution from order submission through to product delivery.