Froogle - Google's new price comparrison facility

Article by Enhance

Google's latest facility for all its users is a price comparrison facility called "Froogle". Users are able to quickly search for specific types of product and sort by cheapest price. The attraction to many internet suppliers is catalogue submissions are free through registered Froogle merchants.

Enhance is a registered Froogle merchant. All our clients using Froogle have noticed a significant proportion of enquiries are attributed to Froogle users.

Froogle is also used by suppliers to check competitiveness in the market. For many products, price is a major factor on sales, closely followed by availability and customer service. For this reason, many customers are using price comparrison facilities to quickly identify good deals on the internet.

The more discerning consumers are experiencing products first-hand through conventional shopping outlets, then investigating the internet to purchase the same product at a reduced price. This method of purchasing expands the internet product offering to more luxurious and costly items.

For a supplier to submit their product catalogue they must adhere to the following points
Provide product prices
Provide an online payment facility
Provide a periodic catalogue feed

Enhance will automatically submit any client's catalogue to Froogle as part of our internet promotion package.

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